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By accessing or any other website by the Ozark Biker Shop, you expressly consent to looking at any information on our website and agree to indemnify the Ozark Biker Shop if you are so soft skinned that you are offended by one or all of our products. You have the right to come and go to our websites as you please. If you don't like what we sell or if you are offended, JUST LEAVE. Our laws, here in America, give you great freedom of liberty - They do not give you protection from being offended. You also expressly state that you are of legal age to purchase any product we sell and that the purchase and delivery of said product is legal in your area. Purchaser expressly agrees to indemnify and the Ozark Biker Shop from any suit brought for any reason associated with the purchase or delivery of said product. Purchaser agrees to pay any and all costs associated with any suit brought associated with the purchase or delivery of purchasers product: Including but not limited to travel

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