Privacy Notice is owned by The Ozark Biker Shop, Wholesale Direct, Inc. of Ozark, Missouri. It is the policy of Wholesale Direct to not support any company that supports the use of SPAM. NO WEBSITE OWNED BY WHOLESALE DIRECT WILL EVER SEND OUT SPAM. We do not support, endorse, or tolerate the use of SPAM. I receive between 5000 - 10000 SPAM e-mails each and everyday. It drives me nuts... Just like it drives you nuts. We will never participate in SPAM because of this. Any Information that is sent to will never be shared with any other company. is one of several websites owned by Wholesale Direct, Inc., of Ozark, Missouri. Information obtained by is never bought, sold or distributed to any other company (PERIOD). We do not believe that the personal information entrusted to us should ever be used for any purpose other than the sale and distribution of our products, by our company. We do not store credit card information on our website or severs. All personal information submitted to us is held in an encrypted section of our server. We do not believe in or support companies that SPAM. You WILL NOT BE HARASSED with daily or weekly junk e-mails from us, like so many other companies send.

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